Claridges wedding photographer

Claridges Wedding Photographer

It was nearly Christmas and I was contacted by the actress Natalie Stone from New York as she was planning what would turn our to be her Claridges wedding. She was looking for an experienced Claridges wedding photographer and had been looking over my work on my website.

Natalie’s wedding was to be in London in March, however, at this point, even the venue wasn’t nailed down! It was an understatement to say she had a lot to do. Many of the arrangements were happening from the other side of the pond and with the time difference built into that challenge too.

We arranged to meet in London just a few days before Christmas Day, look over some albums and talk about her plans.

After looking over venues like Rosewood and The Corinthia, Natalie finally settled on holding her wedding at Claridges . The famous brand and legendary service would be just the ticket for everyone that was travelling so far. Guests would be flying in from the states and other countries too most notably Israel as it was a Jewish wedding .

We shot portraits of Natalie and David around the hotel and photographed a huge set of groups. In fact the largest number of group shots I have ever done and in record time too! Then the Israeli dancing took off. It was as frenetic and wonderful as ever.

Given the celebrity nature of the wedding I can’t post any images online at the moment, but, if you are looking for a Claridges wedding photographer, then please drop your details in the form below and I will contact you asap.

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