Destination Wedding Photographer

I love the role of destination wedding photographer and it was wonderful to spend three days on location with Kitty and Robbie’s families in the south of France. There were a number of parties to shoot and it really helps to get to know everyone. By the time of the wedding I really do feel like a party of the family. That came across in the photographs too. More relaxed. More moments.

Kitty is gorgeous and even more so in that Sassi Holford wedding dress and her Christian Louboutin 100mm heels. Kitty and Robbie were in a Jewish ceremony with lavender in the air at Les Mas des Oules which is a family run estate in ‘Gard Provençal’ and was originally a farm and winery.

The wedding has been blogged about by the world famous Karen Cinnamon at Smashing The Glass. Click here for a look!