Hire your destination wedding photographer to shoot to your wedding abroad…

Destination Wedding Photographer

When I got married I decided to go abroad for my wedding. I decided to make it a very small and intimate wedding and we went to the west coast of Barbados. It was one of the best decisions I could have made as we had fantastic weather and an island paradise to explore together after we were married.

One of the things that many couples have difficulty with for larger weddings abroad is finding the right suppliers for all the various things you need to make the wedding run according to plan. Many times they rely on the wedding coordinator at the local venue to help them find these important companies.
If you love your photography and feel that it is really important to choose the right wedding photographer then it might not be best for you to work through the local coordinator to find a suitable photographer. Indeed, they may not have a photographer on their books that shoots in the style that is right for you. At the end of the day, these photographs are going to the lasting memories you will have of the big day so it is important to get the choice right to avoid disappointment afterwards.

One option available to you is to bring your favourite destination wedding photographer with you to photograph the wedding wherever in the world you may be heading. I think many couple rule this option out with the thought that it would be too expensive but you might be happily surprised! I have photographed weddings in North America and across Europe and I know that this really does not need to be the case. đŸ™‚
There are going to be one or two additional expenses for you in terms of a flight and a few days of hotel stay but, thanks to low cost airline fares, this can often be a lot less than you might have imagined! The upside advantage of doing this though is going to be manyfold – peace of mind, confidence that you will have awesome images, and the thought that you will have someone around you that really cares and that you get along with and feel comfortable with.

Wherever you may be jetting off to I would love to be the destination wedding photographer that is there for you both.