I love to photograph Jewish weddings

Jewish Wedding Photographer Portfolio

Being a Jewish wedding photographer and photographing a Jewish wedding in an extraordinary way is hard. The flow of the wedding is different to what the vast majority of wedding photographers out there will have been exposed to. Coupled with this there are some spectacular opportunities such as the Israeli Dancing which are truly amazing and unique when captured in a photojournalistic way. Standing on the sidelines with a long lens on a camera is not going to capture such fabulous events in an intimate way and this, therefore, makes me feel very capable of creating consistently amazing images that reflect the intense activity and emotions which tend to happen out of the blue and spontaneously around you at these times and are unique to a Jewish wedding.
Success in this specialist area has required a great deal of understanding and empathy with my clients and their families to enable me to get in close and produce some the of the images that I am most proud of. I have won two Fearless Wedding Photography Awards for images taken during a Jewish wedding recently. It is great to be in the room while the emotions flow like this.

Julie and Maurice were married at The West London Synagogue and the ceremony was held at The Landmark Hotel in London. I think that what they had to say in a recent email to me sums up all the care and effort that I put into the relationship with them in order to make the images as brilliant as they have been judged to be. As with a number of other clients I am fortunate enough to be able to say that they have become friends of mine.

We just wanted to say a quick thank you for everything you have done to help make the last 12 months – and in particular the wedding – so special. The comments from people who’ve seen the pre-wedding shoot, and of course, the card, have been hugely complimentary – people have never seen anything like it. Please pass our thanks onto Chrissie as well, and we can’t wait to see the final results! All our love and best wishes for the future,
Maurice and Jules”

As an experienced Jewish wedding photographer, I understand and look for photojournalistic opportunities at times such as during the Bedecken, the Seven Circles, the Kiddushin and the The Ring Ceremony. We have developed specialist photography techniques and lighting styles as a result of the fast-moving, emotional environment that is Israeli Dancing. Here is a gallery of some of my favourite images from a couple of recent weddings. I hope you enjoy them and much as I still do.

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